Nice to meet you! My name is…

I’m a 26 yr old native of San Antonio. Born and raised, never left! Being the fourth sibling of a first generation Mexican American family, becoming an avid runner was a solo endeavor. I began lacing up my shoes toward the end of my high school career. The dreaded freshmen fifteen jump started my running course.

My first running goal started as a timed effort. I would set my iPhone timer for thirty minutes, no pace or distance in mind. Running in my subdivision taught me to set small goals of reaching the following neighbors home after every attempt. This continued until I met fellow local runners. Nearly eight years of running on these feet has educated me on the runners verbiage: pace, distance, form, stride, tempo runs, long runs, speed workout, gear, rest, and recovery. Wait! Foam rolling (my least favorite). I’ve run countless 5ks in which I’ve accumulated age group accolades and six overall wins. Half marathons are many and full marathons are four to date.

me 25

The reason behind the blog follows the decision to take on a challenge. I’m attempting to BQ (Boston Qualify). I was motivated to start documenting this challenge by my following south Texas runners: Nancy, Angela, Nora, and my husband Daniel. This will be my second attempt. In my first go at it,  I did not understand the commitment needed to achieve this goal. I ate poorly, didn’t sleep enough, trained with little recovery between workouts, and I wasn’t disciplined. The training plan formulated by my friend is composed of nineteen weeks of training. I made my decision to train just shy of the commencement of week seventeen. Its time to get started and work hard.

  1. How did your running journey begin?
  2. What motivates you?
  3. What fitness goal related or unrelated to running have you set?

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