Week 17: It begins

Some might think that running in Texas you’ll only have farm fields, tumble weeds, and cowboys for scenery. (Photo Below)


This it what it really looks like to run in San Antonio, TX. (Photos Below)

Week seventeen starts with a total mileage of twenty-nine miles. Monday started my new schedule of 4am running. I completed that morning with an eventful 6.4 mile run. It was humid and I wasn’t looking forward to it. My legs got through each mile comfortably but my stomach was churning. With two miles left I had an urgent need to find a restroom and was unsuccessful. I’ll spare you the details but I took public restroom to a literal meaning. Having changed my eating habits with a combination of increased training left me a “little” unprepared that morning.

Tuesday morning was scheduled for a 2.9 mile run. I got it done on a treadmill at my apartments gym. I also used some time after my run to get my strength training done. Wednesday was another 6.4 mile track workout. I did a mile warm up. I should have done 5x1000m (400RI), but my stomach interfered again. I finished 3 of 5 and hurried to the nearest restroom. I completed my mileage on the road. The workout didn’t go as planned. The important thing is to get the miles done. Thursday was a repeat of Tuesday. Friday was a rest day. Then came long run Saturday.

Ten miles through downtown San Antonio started rough. My mental game was off and I wasn’t feeling well. Running with my husband leading the way helped me. I got caught in my thoughts and before I knew it my watch read 4  miles. I was feeling better at this point. We both got to a point where we were able to hold a conversation. The miles seemed to be clicking away. I was able to finish my mileage on a good note.

me 36

This first week of training served to start a new routine, a new way of eating, and a new way of approaching this goal for a second time. I’ve seen many improvements this first week. Overall, the opening of this challenge has been good.

  1. What’s a funny experience you had during a training session? Including embarrassing moments. Example Me: Public restroom literally!
  2. Any tips to help me get this done.
  3. Where are you from and/or where do you train?

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