Teams that make up my running community: IAAP, Downtown Run Group (DRG), Wolf Pack Running, Brooks City Running

Running alone can serve as therapy for me. There’s a deep sense of self when I run with my thoughts. I argue with myself, I make plans, and I jam out to some good tunes. There are days when going for a few miles alone just feels right. Throughout San Antonio, I have been fortunate to find the following four teams. Each team is free to join and each with something to offer: Downtown Run Group, IAAP, Wolf Pack Running, and Brooks City Running.

I met Downtown Run Group vía my boyfriend at the time (now my husband). He introduced me to my first running coach Bo Brockman and his wife, Pat Brockman.
It was here that I learned to run being apart of a large team. (Photo Below)

I would consider Daniel a professional treasure hunter related to anything running. It was through his research that he learned about IAAP. Coach Jose Iniguez, is a retired professional runner living in San Antonio. Many of his great achievements included running the US Olympic Marathon trials. Being apart of this group disciplined us to incorporate speed work outs/ track workouts to our regimen. (Photo Below)

Wolf Pack Running came about when a friend put my name out there to help fill in for a relay team. I’m glad she introduced me to coach Alex Flores. It’s here that I met other elite runners. I’ve learned to run faster with their help. Knowing that I might be requested to run, helps me stay at my best for the sake of the team. (Photo Below)

Brooks City Running is new. Started by coach Daniel, my husband, we have seen our journey and relationships being apart of the vast San Antonio running community come full circle here. We have runners from all the teams we participate in come and join us. We also see a booming south side community getting into shape. (Photo Below)

If your neighborhood or local community doesn’t have a free run club, start one! I have too many stories to tell about each group and member of that group that I have met. We do more than just run with each other. We make memories together. (Photos Below)

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