Week 16: Another week done

Thirty one miles concludes week sixteen of training. Monday’s 7.1 mile run would have gone better had my dog, Belle, not stopped three times in two miles to poop and pee!
I should be taking her restroom stops into consideration as she increases her miles thanks to me. Belle is a three-year old shepherd mix. Running with her provides a feeling of security in the early hours outdoors.

Tuesday I ran 3.1 miles on the treadmill and finished up with strength training. Wednesday I forgot to set my alarm so my track workout was delayed to that evening. It was tiresome workout but I finished 3×1600 m (800RI) a total of 7.1 miles. Thursday another 3.1 miles. Saturday…oh Saturday long run. A total of six stops throughout 11 miles. I will never eat spicy before a long run. The humidity was taxing on my body. It was upsetting having to stop several times, but I reminded myself this is only the second week since I started marathon training. I beat myself up thinking I can’t afford to stop during the race. Again, this is only week two! I know my endurance will improve. During training, take rest periods as many as your body needs and finish your miles. Your body will catch up with your minds expectations, but be fair and give it time.


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