Week 15: Total 28 miles

Labor Day started at 5:00am for Daniel and I. We planned on taking a road trip to near by Austin, Tx. The running routes out there have always been a goal of ours to run. First things first, BREAKFAST!

We started our day in Austin, Tx stopping for a bite at The Omelettry. What a bite we have! I only finished one of those buttermilk pancakes from heaven. I couldn’t afford to run too heavy.

austin 3.jpg

I suggested to Daniel we familiarize ourselves with the different neighborhoods that make up Austin. Our typical stops included Congress and anything downtown Austin. We visited Clarksville, Cherrywood, Hyde Park, East Downtown, S. Lamar and Zilker.

Only a few hours passed after breakfast but due to the temperature we decided we needed to start our schedule 6.4 mile run. WORST IDEA EVER! Though our run on the boardwalk and through Zilker was scenic, the heat and humidity was unbearable! I felt overheated the whole way. I also didn’t have my 18 oz Nathan water bottle to help keep me cool. It was a bad idea to eat a large breakfast, run at noon, and not have water on hand. I sure sound like a rookie. Our trip was a good time over all but it will be planned out better next time.

The next day was an easy 2.8 miles. What a difference it is to run on an indoor treadmill with AC versus a humid outdoor fog. I finished up with my strength training routine.


Wednesday was a better run with Belle by my side. That 4am morning I was able to finish 5.4 miles of the 6.4 miles scheduled due to being pressed for time. I have been feeling more accountable this time around to get the miles scheduled done even if I have to break it up in one day. The goal is to get the miles done. After work, I finished my one mile on the treadmill and happily reported to coach that I completed the mileage.

On Thursday I ran another 2.8 miles. Friday after work was a rest day at home with Daniel and our dogs. Now comes long run Saturday, 9.9 miles. A friend had offered me to run in his place in Gruene, Tx for a 5k event. I wasn’t allowed to swap his registration info to mine. Regardless, the miles needed to get done. I ran the 5k and unofficially won overall for the females. I was fatigued after a fast run so I decided I would finish my miles later that day. Once fed and rested, I laced up my shoes and took my dogs with me for a 3.27 mile run. The mileage wasn’t intentional, but that’s as far as they were willing to join me. I took them home. I still had 3.2 miles left for that day to finish. I rehydrated and set out to complete the mileage. My running day began at 7am and ended at 8:30pm.

Three weeks of marathon training done and I’m feeling good about this. I hope I continue to have the motivation to lace up my shoes to train. I also hope injury isn’t in my future. The best I can do is be diligent by: stretching, strength training, sleeping enough, and providing my body with nutrition.

  1. How is your training going?
  2. Are you sleeping enough for recovery?
  3. Have your eating habits changed?

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