Week 14: 34 miles

The week of September tenth started with a 7.6 mile run. It has been a rainy week, which comes with the Gulf Coast being close and season changes. I know running in the rain can be enjoyable but not when I take my dog with me. This only becomes an added chore of cleaning her up before rushing to get myself ready, make breakfast and get to work on time. I decided I’d attempt the mileage on the treadmill. I only got 3.4 miles done due to boredom. Later on that day, the rain let up allowing me to complete my mileage (4.5miles). At one point I wouldn’t have minded splitting my miles in a day but I am slowly starting to like my long runs. Yes, I said I am enjoying my long runs. Good timing because the miles are increasing.

When I first started my marathon training, running under 10 minute miles was a chore. My breathing was uncomfortable, my legs ached, and there was always a mental battle over why I am doing this. I now average a 9 minute mile comfortably. My breathing is better and I focus on my form. The mental struggles are less but happen when I begin to feel overheated. If I have water to throw on myself or can splash in a puddle, I regain motivation to keep running.

Tuesday was an easy 3.4 mile run. I finished up with some strength training. Now, here is where I am having trouble being creative with my strength training routines. I’ve been doing the same workouts and am finding strength training boring. I need to get a new routine. I need to increase my weight but get lazy to do so. Wednesday I had another 7.6 mile track workout. I did a mile warm up and started my 2x (6×400) (200RI) (400 RI between sets). Funny thing is that I should have done 6x 800 (1:30min RI).

Damn this small iPhone and my 4 am routine. I ended with 6.01 miles due to time. Thursday wrapped up with 3.4 miles.

Friday rest day couldn’t come fast enough but I had a 2 mile relay race scheduled. It would have been fun and we would have taken first place. Unfortunately, I was out in a field with my dogs two hours prior to race start. Somewhere in that field are my apartment key, car key, mail key, and gate key. Needless to say, I did not make the relay event.

My team ran well and ran hard in the rain while I searched for my keys in the rain. I’m proud of their effort.

Saturday I was scheduled to run 11.9 miles. I attempted three that morning again on the treadmill due to heavy rain. Saturday evening was busy so I did not finish my miles. I had to make sure my long run was covered before the start of a new training week so I ran Sunday afternoon in a light drizzle. After hearing that a new marathon world record was broken by Eliud Kipchogee 2:01:38, I had to go for my long run.

I not only had to do my miles, I realized I had to give it my all. Now, I don’t plan on running every training run at race pace from here on out, but I plan on always giving it my all. Running until the point of exhaustion. Every run has to be a well fought effort. I ran 10 out of 11.6 miles at full speed. I’m sure I could have finished the mileage but fell short when I decided in my mind that 10 looked good to me. I have to find a way to keep my head in the game as long as required to get my miles done. Every training mile will get me closer to my goal of a BQ.

What do you do to stay focused during a training run?

What strength training routines would you recommend?

What is your best time for any distance (5k, 10k, 13.1, or 26.2)?

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