Two week recap: Week 13=37 miles, Week 12=45 miles

(Spent Sunday the 16th photographing the Zero Prostate Cancer Run in the rain! Photos had to be turned in by the beginning of training week thirteen. I was unable to get this weeks blog up on time. Photos courtesy of Scottydog Kabrich and Timothy Sneed. Thank you friends!)

I kept telling myself after week thirteen that I would take a moment to sit down and create the blog. Well, another week got by me. Life can be busy so trying to carve out time becomes a challenge, procrastination is my other nemesis. So here we go!

Monday started with a hot 8.4 miler. After my “Kipchogee run”, my legs were shredded. My leg muscles felt like they had lost their elasticity, but after two miles they loosened up.  I tend to report my runs to my coach Will as a form of accountability. I convinced myself that I have to send him proof of each run, so that I actually put in the work. By the same token, I receive great feedback. We may joke with each other, share tips, and TMI (too much information). Here’s a glimpse. Don’t mind our fractured sentences or missed spelled words, but damn that autocorrect.

The next two days I ran 3.7 miles on treadmill and another outdoor 8.6 mile run. Still I felt good. My legs are adapting to the mileage. My brain is also on board.

Then came good ole Thursday. Our team, Brooks City Running, meets not to far from UIW. We had a few new college guest join us. My moto with new guest is ,”no man left behind…or ahead.” I ran those three miles so fast. I was running race pace. I wasn’t willing to slow down. I wanted to meet the challenge and crush this run. I had to show off by not letting this college runner get away from me. Either I would finish first or at his heels. What resulted was me coming in first! It was a race the whole time. I had the lead at 1.5 miles. He took lead mile 2. I regained lead a quarter mile left of the run. Success! We did a “cool down” of 1.4 miles at an 8:26 pace! Meanwhile I shook it off as if I wasn’t phased, but I later regretted it. Back to shredded legs it was. Then I had some explaining to do with coach. Coach wasn’t upset. He was excited and congratulated me.

After all the rain we continued to have, rest day came and went but it was time to do my long run. A half marathon was on schedule. I have grown tired of wet socks, shoes, clothes, therefore, I waited for the rain to subside. Now, around eleven that morning, it was time to run. Amazing weather! It was my first glimpse into fall. The day was cool and windy and the sun shined just right. I enjoyed my thirteen miles.

Daniel helped me by staying home with the pups. Oh yeah, this was the same week we were dog-sitting. Started on Thursday and ended Monday. Dog-sitting was my idea, but Danny was supportive when it was time for me to train. That was a wrap to week thirteen.

Week twelve started (cough cough) on a sick note. I woke up dizzy, nauseous, and with no energy. I had no appetite. I couldn’t taste a thing. I missed out on a 10 mile Monday run and a 4.5 mile Tuesday run. Before realizing I was sick, I attempted my ten miler on Monday. I got to 3.75 miles before I had to sit down and call Daniel. I had no energy. Thankfully he was on route home so he picked me up mid run. I got home and it was bed time. I didn’t care for dinner.

Flu season is upon us. I was not ready to get sick and lose out on training days. Every run matters. I feared I would miss a week worth of training if I didn’t get better soon. Wednesday came quickly. I was feeling better. I was able to run my ten miler. Man was I happy to be back on my feet.


I should have run 4.5 miles on Thursday but I ended with 3.87 miles. We had some new runners visit Brooks City Running. I ran around to help the runners stay on route no matter the pace they ran or walked. Friday came along and it was rest day. I had planned to run on a relay team that Saturday. Unfortunately, one of our relay teammates had to cancel. The race was off, but it allowed me to bump up my long run. I started my fifteen miles after work. Seven miles were completed outdoors and the last eight were done on what my coach calls the dreadmill. I don’t mind a treadmill workout. I felt great the whole way but didn’t smell so great when it was over.

(Top left: Thursday Run. Next, starting the weekend after a long work week. Following three, my fifteen miles split due to restroom breaks. Bottom Right: Happy I am done with my long run.)


Took many of my running communities’ feedback on helping me stay focused during my training. Guess what I stumbled upon again? PODCASTS! I used to be a podcast person but only recently found the joy of listening to them again. I’m learning a lot from these experts. It a way of exposing my self to other people and lifestyles I have yet to be exposed to. Here are my following recommendations:

  1. The Rich Roll Podcast: August 12th Pro Body Builder Nimai Delgado on Vegan Gains, Training Pains, and Changing the game. September 9th Strength Coach Mike Mahler wants to Optimize your Hormones. 
  2. Running Rogue Podcast

Let’s see what comes with training week eleven. I can’t wait for the challenge, coach Will’s feedback, and more memories. Happy training!

(Blooper Conversations Between Coach and myself below) 

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