Week 11: Life happens

In recent time many people have asked me the following, “Why are you putting yourself through this training? Why do you run so much?”

It would make more sense if I answered:

“I’m racing for money.”

“I’m racing to hopefully be noticed and make this my career.”

“Top finishers get a trip around the world.”

If I gave an answer with an object being the reason for my training it would make more sense to most people. It’s hard for people to grasp that I am doing this because I want to challenge myself. It’s safe to say I’m competitive. Back in August I set many goals for myself. I wanted to have a different outlook on life before my 27th birthday. I told myself I would train different to see how my body would change. I want to cook more. I want to read more. I want to take the time to hear something different from my patients outside of the reason they were coming to the clinic that day. It all comes down to a strong desire to make the most of my time and health while I have it. So here we go with training week 11.

Monday: 9.1 miles on the schedule and I only did 7.0. Here’s why. I already didn’t feel like running today. Laziness and that damn Texas humidity! My knees felt sore. To make matters worse, I took a quick left turn downhill and felt a pain in my right knee. It made limp and slow down. At this point I was coming up to my apartment entrance, so I used that as an excuse to go upstairs. I ended at 7 miles and did not report to coach.

Tuesday: National Night Out was on our schedule that evening at Brooks City. Daniel and I were ready to tell the community about our free run group, Brooks City Running. I had to get up for a 4am run. Well…I didn’t get up to run my four miles. Turned Tuesday into a rest day. Had a good turn out at the National Night Out. We now have a few people we met there come run with us.

Wednesday: This week and the last I have not been enthusiastic about getting my runs done in the early 4am mornings. Track workout was today’s plan, 3X (2X1200). It was tough because each set felt like forever. I was missing my shorter track workouts( 800’s, 600’s, 400’s). I hope my coach isn’t reading this.

Thursday: Run Group Thursday! The route Daniel formed for our training run is a 5k route. Every Thursday we do this set distance with friends and a few new faces. Daniel has always been the one to run with the lead group, make it back to help the last group, and in between take pictures. I have started to help with his task. By the time our last runner came through I finished with 3.5 miles. Today was my short run.

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: O Long run, Long run, wherefore art thou Long run? Didn’t happen. Didn’t set my alarm. Woke up late. Attempted running at 9am and finished with 3 hot miles. Sunday was my last chance to get that long run done.

Sunday: This will be a Sunday that sadly I will never forget. Woke up to do my long run. Ran 6 miles and planned with Daniel to finish my miles that evening. We had just eaten breakfast. Without any notice or warning, Daniel suffered a seizure. Daniel has never suffered from any chronic illnesses. He’s a healthy thirty-one years young man. Never a smoke or drink in his life. We still don’t know why but it happened. It was just the two of us. No one saw what I saw. My heart froze. I lost all sense of action being in a medical emergency. I work in a clinical setting. If needed, I’ve had to quickly start an IV for a patient suffering a heart attack and collect vitals. I’ve had to respond quickly when diabetic patients begin to suffer from there illness. Why I froze when this was happening to my dearest loved one… it’s the worst situation to be in. I’m grateful to still have my husband. He’s been ok since. Still needs a further evaluation but for now we are ok. It’s me who is still not ok. The stress of training is one thing but the stress of being worried compacts that effect. Now, I’m trying to not to let my worry wart self get in the way of us and training. I did complete my long run that day. Running has always been a form of therapy for me besides physical activity. I’m glad running can help me both competitively and emotionally.

1) Why do you run so much?

2) How do you deal with stress?

3) Did your training week go as planned or did you have to alternate rest days because life happened?

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