Week 10: Regaining Focus

Monday started as a rest day. I had just done my long run Sunday. It’s ok to change up your week as long as you do your best to not miss a workout. Especially those long run days. Change up your week to allow time for life. Otherwise, sticking to a strict schedule will make you angry at anything or anyone that interrupts it. That’s how I feel when my schedule doesn’t go as I planned.

Tuesday: It was time to work again. I had enough time to run four miles that morning on treadmill. I did another four miles with my dogs right after work. I finished three miles again on treadmill in the comfort of AC. Now, reading how I get my miles done might be frustrating. You might ask, “Is running that days miles in fractions as beneficial as running them consecutively?” I DON’T KNOW. If I had the opportunity to do them consecutively I would. Very reluctantly but I would. My quest to earning a BQ is a total experiment. I didn’t get passed the half way mark in training last year. Comparing my training plan to others around me is pointless because I’ve never done this before. I say the same about my mileage being done split up by morning and evening runs in one day. I can only do what my life/schedule allows. As of right now, splitting my miles allows me to get ready and get to work on time. I work an 8 to 5 job. This training is like my second job.

Wednesday: I ran 4.8 miles this day. Laced up my shoes after work, put the dogs leashes on, and my feet hit the road.

I was coming to the start of my route and decided I’d finish the last bit on treadmill to be followed by my strength training. I finished 4.37 outdoors and .43 on treadmill. I’ve noticed my leg and glute muscles stay sore for a bit longer than usual with the increased mileage. I really feel that burn after my strength training.

Thursday: Another eleven miles today, but as a track workout. On these days I’ll do a mile or two warm up, do the track workout, and then cool down with the remainder of miles. Waking up and taking them dogs out today helped me look forward to this workout. I felt the cool crisp air. This was going to be a good workout. After taking the dogs out, I crawled back into bed. Daniel, being the responsible one of us two, turned around and said, “Get up. It’s time for your track workout.” Oh, how I love this man. Like a child I griped and objected the need to do this workout in the early morning. Thanks to Daniel, I laced up my shoes and he accompanied me that morning.

He’s my personal support coach and photographer. He cheered me on every lap. I felt good out there. My warm up was completed but what was activated was my need to find a bathroom. We drove to the closest park. A few minutes later it was back to the track. I finished six miles that morning. That evening I ran two miles after work with my dogs. The last three I ran in the company of our run group, Brooks City Running. Great turn out today!

Friday: I was ready to run my 4.8 miles after work. As life would have it, I lost my set of keys a few weeks ago in a field while my dogs played. Well, I had a spare and replaced my apartment key. When I got home from work this Friday I locked my only set of car keys in my car! Just my luck. Training plans were canceled. I waited for the locksmith to get to me that evening. I waited for Daniel to get home. Both arrived around the same time. Way to start my weekend. I’m eagerly waiting for that bill.

Saturday: Long run Saturday happened at Salado creek starting at Los Patios. Daniel was working with IAAP that morning.

IAAP is a timing, race and event set up expert in San Antonio. Today’s event was the Cleft Strong 5k.

The area was covered in a canopy of trees. I did not have a head lamp. At six in the morning this makes for a very dark run. I couldn’t wait for the sun to come up. I needed to get started now. I stayed on a dimly lit road. I ran up and down that small stretch and got to three miles. The sun was coming up. I ran to the restroom before continuing. I come out of the event center to see Daniel sitting in the back of the trailer with a friend applying pressure to his leg. What now?! I ran over to him but made sure to turn my watch on. Everything counts right? My poor sweet Daniel. He just happened to step in the exact spot of the trailer that gave way. He fell through the floor board. He had a massive hematoma down his shin and a deep pin hole laceration. Some one is due for a tetanus shot. Thankfully, it wasn’t worse. My husband can’t catch a break in recent time. Maybe his luck will change soon. Once we patched him up, he stuck around to finish the job. I took off to finish my miles.

I managed to get eleven miles done that morning. After some breakfast and rest we went out to see the Red Bull Last Stand event. That was too cool! Cyclist fought to not be eliminated as they sped through every round. I watched one female cycling event and one male cycling event. Then my hunny encouraged me to finish my miles. I completed my 17 miles that evening in a busy downtown San Antonio.

1. What is your reaction to a change of plans during training season?

2. How do you make up for it?

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