Week 8: More rain, More Family

Monday started this 58 mile week with a half marathon (13.1 miles). I ran in the cold rain. I was determined to get all my miles done. I was at mile 8 when I started shivering. The rain had gradually com down harder after five miles. Didn’t think it was going to stop me. I tired pushing on until finally at mile ten I had to call it quits. I wasn’t tired. I was just too cold. I promised I would add my remaining three miles to the next day. Kept my fingers crossed for better weather.

5.8 miles was scheduled for Tuesday, plus my three remaining miles from Monday. I completed a total of 8.8 miles. It wasn’t raining this day. It was cool enough to wear a long sleeve, so I brought out from hibernation my San Francisco tech race shirt. The memories from that race are the best. I can say that now that I’m not running it. Let me tell you about it.

It was a 5:30am start time July in California. By far the earliest I’ve ever run a race. Scenic, due to: Embarcadero, Fisherman’s Wharf, Crissy Field, the Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, Golden Gate Park, the neighborhoods, and AT&T Park home of the San Francisco Giants. We had to stop at mile 16 when Daniel had severe cramps. We finished the race walking up and down those neighborhoods. Worst day ever! Now, it’s just great to talk about.

(Photos Below: July 2015 in San Francisco California)

Wednesday was track workout Wednesday. On schedule was 10×400 (400RI) and a total of 13.1 miles was the goal. I ran two warm up miles again in the light drizzle. I arrived to the track and what I expected was right in front of me. A flooded track! It’s already in rough shape! Now add some water and the fact that my new shoes have yet to be muddified (not a real word but it means “mud on my new shoes” to me). It was time to break them in.

A tough workout but another successful workout. By successful I mean I felt like I gave it my best effort. My times have not been hitting the range that I should be in. I averaged 1:43-1:47 per 400 with only one 400 loop at 1.36. I should be averaging my 400 at 1:31-1:35. What can I say? I can attribute some lost time on weather conditions and quality of track, but I won’t blame those things. I think I am giving my best effort and my body may need more time to be conditioned to be able to handle these time expectations.

Thursday at Brooks City Running was our Halloween themed run! We celebrated early since Halloween landed on Wednesday of the following week. I was supposed to run another 5.8 miles but I so preferred to enjoy friends and food. I only ran three this day.

Friday I was off from work. This was intentional due to our initial plans to take a trip for my upcoming birthday. Well, my sisters wedding became the occasion to celebrate this weekend. We canceled our plans and stayed in town to enjoy family. The afternoon was spent with family eating food from Oaxaca, Mx.

That’s where my mom’s side of the family comes from. I don’t get to see this family often, so I decided I would run my 20 mile long run that evening. I wanted to have Saturday and Sunday to enjoy my family workout free.

It was a dark evening run. Again, down our favorite winding road in San Antonio, Contour Dr. (Photo below is a morning view of Olmos Dr. which resembles Contour Dr., beautiful homes and trees.)

No head lamps and no reflective gear… am I a rookie or what?! Well we’ve been in the process of moving so they were packed. We started at the Pearl Brewery, ran down Avenue B, did a turn around at McCullough Ave, and returned to the Pearl Brewery. This earned me 11 miles for our first loop. Daniel rode his bike and played some great music. Daniel riding alongside me has been a great help. I’m thankful to the friend who generously gave him a bike. Those first eleven miles felt like a breeze. We started the second set again down Avenue B, passed the Zoo, through Trinity University, down Main Avenue, finished it through downtown and ended at the Pearl Brewery. I lost Daniel on Main Avenue when he stopped to fix his bike. He tried braking and handling his phone when he stumbled off his bike. His bikes chain came undone. He insisted I keep running. He caught up to me as I entered downtown with a scrapped arm and dirty hands. When we were all done I ached so good. I was happy with my success and I could still walk as much as I wanted. My body didn’t feel severely sore by this run, which is what I expected. It was time to start our four day weekend October 26th- October 29th. Well earned!

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