Week 9: Cold and Rainy

The forecast didn’t help motivate me this week. The coolness of running outdoors was a plus, but the incessant rain was not. Monday started with a 11.9 mile run. If you knew me, you would know that I don’t prefer running in cold temperatures. I know, I know! Cool weather is a runners best friend. Well, I’m shivering at the start of my runs and that alone makes me want to run back inside. My muscles feel stiff and I’m running hoping someone would be willing to follow me the first two miles with a heater pointed directly at me. Any takers?

It takes about a mile or two to get me into a groove in cold weather. Sitting at work, I kept hearing the reports from the girls that had gone to lunch outside of the office. “It’s raining. It’s not raining. It’s pouring out there. It’s calmed down. It’s drizzling again.” I kept my fingers crossed I wouldn’t have to run in heavy rain. There was no way I would run all twelve miles on a treadmill. As the miles have increased, it has caused me to be dissatisfied with treadmill running. I rather be outside in the cold and rain.

It drizzled the whole way. I wore my Brooks head band aka ear warmer, a long sleeve top, shorts, and knee high compression socks. It turned out to be an enjoyable run. Daniel would text to check on me and I could tell he was surprised I was outside doing this. He kept cheering me on. He was so thrilled at the end of my work out that he treated me to pan dulce (sweet bread) and some Chick Fil A (spicy sandwhich, add American cheese, large fry, regular size lemonade, and don’t forget the Chick Fil A sauce).

Tuesday I ran my 5.3 miles in the evening. Another, good run.

Wednesday is typically “track workout Wednesday”, but the schedule showed a simple 11.9 mile run. Got it done! So far I’ve had three great workouts.

Thursday: Surprise, surprise, surprise more rain! Didn’t expect many runners to join us at our run group, Brooks City Running. Thankfully a faithful few were determined to get together and get the workout done. The runners that keep us company are getting to know us and see that weather conditions won’t stop us from running together. This run was a fast one. Since we didn’t have any newcomers, I decided to stick with one of our fast runners named Juan. He is a great male masters athlete. I ran along side him for a large portion of those three miles. I started the run wearing a jacket to keep the cold away, but once we started to pick up the pace I needed the dang thing off of me. Daniel stood close by a bit passed out turn around point. I signaled him and he helpfully took my jacket from me. Now, let’s go! I felt ready to push that last bit. I don’t have to exact time but our mile splits were low seven minute miles.

Friday I rested. We had family in town that came early due to my eldest sisters upcoming wedding.

Saturday we finally got up to join our DRG (Downtown Run Group) family for my 19 mile long run. My route included running past our local Zoo, a winding road known as Contour Drive, hills, and downtown San Antonio. Daniel joined me on bike on the second half of my mileage. He handed me some water and delicious tangerines. Finished my last run of the week and crushed it! Most of my mile splits averaged in the 8 minute mile range with three in the 9 minute mile range. I was thrilled about the result. Yes, I felt sore immediately after but overall I walked away in great shape. I do take the time to think that in order to qualify for Boston I still have another 7.2 miles to run and that I have to lower my mile splits. Gulp! It’s gonna be tough, but I’m willing to try.

-Have you qualified for Boston? If so, how many times?

-Did you qualify on your first attempt?

-How much training time did you give yourself to prepare? I’m following a little over four month training plan.

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