Week 7: Ankle Injury?

This should have been a 53 mile week. Sunday the 28th was my eldest sister’s wedding. Daniel and I dressed up for the occasion. It’s been a while where heels have played a role in my wardrobe. I’m more of a running shoe, sneakers, and sandals kind of girl. At one point that evening, I took an uneven step forward. Daniel caught my hand and I knew that this step was a tough one on my left ankle as it turned in and out quickly. I was sore the rest of the evening. Like most accidental times I’ve tripped I brushed it off. I tried ignoring it. Come Monday morning my knees and ankles felt awfully sore. Not even a 20 mile run made me feel as sore as four hours in heels did.

Monday was my 27th birthday! I requested this day off of work. Daniel and I took our time to get the day started. We then drove to our favorite place to start my 12 mile run. Aerobically I felt conditioned. My ankle on the other hand was aching me the entire way. Maybe my mechanics were off? Maybe my shoes were to blame? A minor sprain never hurts until the next day for me. I’m guessing this one wasn’t so minor after all. Twelve miles later we were done with our Monday workout. Time to enjoy my birthday. 🎂🎈

Tuesday was scheduled for a 5.3 mile run. At work I noticed this ankle deal was still bothering me. It’s just to noticeable to me with every step I take. Still I continue to believe it’s not a big deal. I ran my 5.3 miles after work aching every step but still got it done. That evening I kept in mind my Wednesday track workout. Now I’m starting to think…can I get this done? My ankle still hurts.

Wednesday came and I was unmotivated to run. It didn’t help that the pain I’ve been feeling is also contributing to that lack of motivation. I took the day off from running. However, I did go to the gym. At the gym I realized I had given little to no time to weight training the entire month of October. I’m strongly starting to believe I need to give my ankle time to heal. I feel pain when I walk, when I go down stairs, and when I pivot. I don’t want to risk a worse injury if I insist on stressing it. 3x2k(400RI) for a total of 11.8 miles didn’t get done this day.

Thursday was our meet up day at Brooks City Running. Took both of my dogs to join us that evening. Here I go again, testing if my ankle is ready only after one day of rest. Running on the road seemed ok. As soon as I hit the cement walk way, I felt so much stress on that ankle. I was determined to get a workout in so I kept going. I only ran 2.8 miles. I was scheduled for 5.3. Grateful for our run group. This evening I was surprised with a delicious birthday cake and a few gifts. Including a new pair of my favorite Oofos recovery sandals. Just what I desperately need…recovery.

The next morning I woke up to a sore ankle. Why hasn’t this discomfort gone away? I’m in the middle of my marathon training. I can’t be injured. This week already felt like a set back. These next two weeks are peak weeks of my training season. I’m not willing to lose all the work I already put in. I’m frustrated. I’m also not willing to ruin my ankle. I need to make a decision. I need to give it time to recover. But how much time? How will this affect my marathon outcome? Friday was a rest day any way and I decided to take Saturday off as well.

Friday was rest day and we drove out to Corpus Christi, Tx. Daniel and I were asked to work with IAAP. It’s always a great time joining our fellow runners to help set up the start line for running events. If I can’t run, I’m still willing to watch an event. We rested but we’re up by 4am. The Harbor Half 2018 was a technical event for the runners. They hosted a 5k, 10k, relay Half, and individual half marathon run. Timing and set up of the event went well. IAAP is a professional team of experts for these types of events. Daniel and I had a great time in good company.

Today is Sunday and we are watching the New York City marathon. I can’t stay off my feet when this serves as such an inspiration for me. I find myself very emotional as I feel that my marathon goal is slipping away. It was already going to be a challenge to attempt this time of 3:25-3:30 marathon. Now, I have to be honest with myself. I have to readjust my goals and set a new first and second goal.

A PR will happen. I’m determined.

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