Week 0: Its race weekend!

Where have I been?

Answer: Running outdoors, running on the treadmill, and making time for life (aka husband, dogs, and job).

November 11th I was crazy enough to sign up for my first 50k. The Hill Country Trivium turned out to be a cold day with plenty of hills and clear back country roads. I loved that there weren’t mile markers on the course.

Being that this course and area of Marble Falls was completely foreign to me kept my mind guessing every mile. Thinking back on the experience, I am amazed at how I just threw on my shoes and did it. I really finished a 50k. Wasn’t a bucket list goal but thankfully I was challenged to sign up. I found myself in first place for the females not even halfway through the race. I was convinced I would keep the lead. Those last few miles were torcher. My mindset was starting to waver. I figured I would just stop, because I was done feeling the soreness. Then I remembered my husband had been cheering for me mile after mile. I also thought, how silly it would be to stop after having done so much work and having kept the lead almost the entire race. As much as I wanted to quit, I convinced myself it wasn’t an option at this point. If I wasn’t putting myself in any physical danger, then there was no reason to stop. My race came to an end and I had won it! 4:57:49 for a total of 31 miles.

Then came the holidays. Thanksgiving was enjoyed with family in Fort Worth, Tx. Kept up with my miles that week. I’ve been tapering since then. Event wise, I raced a 5k Nov 17th and participated in the San Antonio Rock N Roll Relay Dec 2nd. I wasn’t allowed to race the relay. I was a week out from my marathon weekend. I still did well. I was the first female to hand off in the relay.

(Nov 17th Feel Good 5k. Result:Women’s Overall)

(Dec 2nd 2018 San Antonio Rock N Roll Relay with my sister in law)

Now, it’s race week. I ran four miles on Monday, two miles on Tuesday, two miles on Wednesday, and am resting from running until race day Sunday. I tell myself I can do it. Then I think workout wise, I could have done more. No matter the result this Sunday, I will be proud of the time I dedicated to my training. Life happened and training days had to be shuffled but I kept with the program. I’m excited to see how much I can push myself. That’s why I challenged myself to begin with. It’s the desire to see what I’m capable of. If I don’t accomplish my goal this time, I’ll try again. There’s no reason to give up on something if you don’t get it the first time. I’ve learned a lot about myself. If I need to I’ll plan better, I’ll train harder, and I’ll develop new disciplines until I accomplish my goal. It’s all about the experience.

(August 18th, 2018 The day I decided to try. It’s been a great training season. Time to put it to the test)

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