Will third time be the charm?

Now that the BCS Marathon and the holidays are over, I am staying focused. My game plan is to up my strength training and create a solid foundation. This way when I get back to training for the marathon, I will have one less thing to worry about. At that point, I will only be performing maintenance strength training and not adding any new stressors. Oh yes! I am trying for a third time to qualify for Boston (Grandma’s Marathon in Minnesota June 22nd, 2019)!

Just a quick recap. I began my venture to qualify 2017. I stopped mid way training cycle because I did a poor job at managing the stress. I was overwhelmed by the training schedule, my day job, and my home life. I had never put myself in a situation that demanded I learn a new level of discipline. My second attempt was in 2018. I came into this training cycle knowing what to expect. Long hours dedicated to running, better nutrition, and balancing home life and work. I completed the training. My performance was great! I ran a 3:41 marathon. I will admit I slowed down on strength training, my nutrition decreased toward the end, and I ran my race too fast the first half. I’m not far from my goal but again I’m reminded of the same lesson. I need to learn another level of discipline if I plan on qualifying.

My training has to be consistent. I have to grind more. I need to hurt more. Every workout will demand a bit more. My nutrition cannot waver. It makes no sense to demand my body to get the work done if I am not fueling it correctly. Why do you think some training days feel harder than others? Yes, it could be an increase in intensity, but overall I believe it has to do with what you ate leading up to that workout.

Plan: I will begin the intense running portion of my marathon training in March. I say that because what I will be doing January and February are part of my training but not too intense on the running end. I did all my training on my own last year. I plan on sticking with my IAAP team for my track workouts, my long runs with Downtown Run Group (heart rate style), and everything else can vary with the many teams San Antonio has to offer.

1) What goals are you chasing?

2) If you fail at something, do you try again?

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