January 2019: 7th-11th

Most New Years start with setting goals, resolutions, and challenges. We were invited to take on the 5x5k challenge which was initiated by Runbar leader, Merriana. Runbar is a free run group that meets in downtown San Antonio. The challenge consisted of running a 5k Monday thru Friday with a different run group hosting a day of the week.

I started Monday with a 6:30pm run with the host, Runbar.

The route covered a portion of the Pearl Brewery and the Riverwalk. Two very scenic areas of town.

Tuesday we joined the Munsters Run Group for our second 5k of the week. We started at Bar America off of S Alamo St. This is a fun hangout spot for locals. The course lead us alongside Hemisphere/ Yanaguana Gardens, the Álamo, the Majestic Theater and San Pedro Creek.

This was a humid and warm run but we got it done. Frustratingly, the cool temps reached us as we were getting into our cars. If only the cool weather had accompanied us on that evenings run.

Wednesday was Wolf Packs turn to host the 5k run. Another great run group with some of the fastest runners San Antonio has to offer. We met at the VFW located downtown.

Daniel and I stuck around for a small portion of the run as our intention was to get in a track workout. Shortly after we joined IAAP at Brackenridge Highschool for the track workout. That left my legs feeling ready to cramp after the workout was over. We did 6x 600m, 200m recovery.

Thursday was my turn to host with my husband. Brooks City Running is our group. We had a great turnout. It’s always such a motivation to see different run teams form one with the same purpose, which is to run in each other’s company.

Friday we returned to Runbar for the last run of the challenge. It was pouring! The rain didn’t stop many. Several runners ran their miles in the cold rain and claimed victory over the 5x5k challenge. The evening ended with delicious food and fun conversations. 2019 has only started and already goals, challenges, and resolutions are being met.

1) What are your running resolutions?

2) Do you have a network of runners helping you reach that goal?

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