Tomorrow it begins..

I’ve been researching a few marathon training plans, specifically to help me PR/BQ. Most training plans include 5-6 days of running and are 30 weeks in length. My marathon is June 22nd. I’ll need to start following a marathon plan now to reestablish a baseline.

I found it a bit difficult running six miles with team Wolf Pack this Sunday. We averaged an 8:30 six mile run. I’ve been maintaining my fitness with gym workouts, but there’s nothing like putting your feet to the pavement or trail. The demands on the body are more.

These marathon plans have another of level of structure I’m not used to. They include 5-6 days of running, 6-7 strength training days, 1 day of rest and 1 day of cross training. To quote Hal Higdon’s website,

“A lot of people play at running, working out three or four days a week, doing a long run on the weekends, entering an occasional race, sometimes gearing up for a marathon. For a while, they’ll improve just on accumulated mileage, but after several years it becomes increasingly difficult to set Personal Records. To do that, you need to train. Training is when you follow a schedule, such as this one, where each day has a purpose. If the weather is bad, you still run. If you have important business, you simply rise an hour early to run. Why? Because I told you to! And if Hal tells you to run 3 miles today and afterwards do some strength training, please do it!”

– Hal Higdon

I need to stay committed and be intentional with every workout. This means planning the location of each workout prior to that weeks schedule. A lot of time is wasted when I look at my schedule and then brain storm where I want to go run. Planning the locations and times of my workouts will help me stay on track. After reviewing the plans, the intensity at which I will train this time around will be greater. The plan I will follow I obtained from the official boston athletic association website:

Let’s achieve these goals! 3:25 I’m coming for you!

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